St. Louis Water Repair Service

How does the water you use each day find its way to your home? What are you responsible for to ensure that happens?

  • The water service line carries water from the main, usually located near the street, to the inside of your house
  • It is can often times be located in the front yard
  • Less common, the water service line may be located in the side or rear yard, or it may pass through a neighboring property

St Louis Water Service Repair and Installation


How do I know if I have a Water Line Leak?

Water line leaks are not always evident, but some tell tale signs include the presence of water in the yard or the street, very low water pressure or an unexplained unusually high water usage bill.

What Should I do if I Suspect a Water Line Break?

There are a number of water service providers depending on where you live in the metro area. Some of these will have programs that help pay for some or even all of the cost of a leaking water line or other issues with your water service. Contact your provider to learn more about any programs they may have to assist you.

You should know that both the city and county has some of the “best” drinking water found in the nation, meaning that it has the fewest impurities. In fact, it far exceeds state and federal regulations. And when you need a hand to make sure it keeps flowing to your home, give Cocos Plumbing a call!