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Every day you shower, run the dishwasher, and flush the toilet without a second thought about what happens to your waste water. And that’s how it should be. As long as we don’t experience any clogged drains, we assume that the sewer system is working properly. But when they don’t, that’s when the serious problems begin! Clogged sewer lines, sewer backups, foul odors  – these are a home owner or business owner’s nightmare.

A basic understanding of how your home is connected to the sewer system will bring this underground, out-of-sight problem into clear view.

Home Sewer Connections

Fresh water enters the home through a main water supply line from the municipal water company. Inside the home, the main water supply splits into two sets of pipes: the hot water pipes lead to the hot water heater first and then follow a set of cold water pipes throughout the home supplying bathroom fixtures, such as showers and sinks as well as kitchen dishwashers and clothes washers.

Every time we turn on a faucet, wash a load of laundry or flush the toilet, we generate wastewater, measured via water meter that is connected to the main water supply line. The average person uses about 100 gallons per day.

As we use the water, it flows into a drain in the home and passes through a trap, a U-shaped pipe that holds water and prevents sewer gases from entering the home. If the trap becomes dry from non-use, you may notice a sewer odor; pouring water into the unused drain will refill the trap and eliminate the odor. This can be the case when a home is up for sale, for example, and no one is currently living there actively.

After passing through the trap, the wastewater continues to flow downward through large drain pipes that eventually exit the home underground at one location – this is through a pipe called a house lateral. The house lateral runs the length of your property usually out to the street or the rear of your property where it connects to the overall public sewer system.

Laterals may have a cleanout, an opening that allows for removing any debris or obstructions that might block the flow of wastewater. You may know this cleanout drain opening (often in the middle of the yard somewhere) as the mortal enemy of your lawn mower blades!

Homeowner’s Role

Homeowners play a key role helping to solve the sewage overflow issue. It is the homeowner’s responsibility to fix any improper connections to the sanitary sewer line such as downspouts, driveway drains and groundwater sump pumps.

In many municipalities throughout the St. Louis metro area programs exist in which the local government has the responsibility to repair sewer laterals or reimburses residential property owners for a portion of the cost of the repair. Check with your local municipal government or give us a call.

House laterals often can become deteriorated or clogged with tree roots. It’s important for homeowners to have their lateral checked for leaks that can allow groundwater to seep into the system or for clogged areas that can slow the flow of wastewater from your home, or cause a back-up of sewage into your basement.

If an improper connection is detected, the homeowner must disconnect the problem area and drain the storm-water onto the ground, into a drainage ditch or into the storm sewer line. It is recommended that you contact a licensed plumber to correct the problem.

Cocos Plumbing provides sewer and septic repair and maintenance so that you can avoid costly damage and unnecessary inconvenience due to sewer and septic problems.

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